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With high build, in casual clothes, he will hit you with two words: sports and health. His big grin and casual talking style make you feel at home and take him as a friend unconsciously.

What a sunshine boy!

His name is Tag Mohammed, from Sudan, a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering and a shot put champion in his beloved university, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Anyone who wants to know more about Tag should get the picture that he is like a beam of sunshine: sincere, positive and pleasant.

Shot put champion, but a football fan

“Actually, I am not so good at shot put. I sprained my ankle when I was playing football, which kept me from doing all the sports I used to do: jumping, running and football. When one of my classmates asked me to join them for shot put, I said ‘yes’ since I was so longing to do some sports. I never expected that I could get the first prize because I think so many guys are doing better than me. My favorite sport is actually, football,” Tag said with an earnest look and humility. From his story, it sounded like his championship was in the record by a quirk of fate. Yet, everything that happens with a lucky twist of fate is a matter of necessity. Hardly anyone could get the first place without hard work. It was under that condition that Tag, the HUST champion, got his first prize despite his modesty in unfolding the story.

A boy with a grateful heart

“I am happy because of the happiness I have brought my classmates and my school,” Tag said, “since they have helped me so much in my studies and my life.” It seems that Tag’s social commitment was enhanced by the caring treatment he received from his classmates. “They even surprised me with a party for my birthday. So, I would participate as long as they asked me to even if I had never tried that before,” he mentioned, his face radiated warmth and sincerity which reflected heart-felt gratitude to his classmates.

Sports not simply mean sports to him

“Sports help me build not only my body but also my mind. I love sports. It exposes before me a new, broader world. I get to know new things I’ve never known before and make new friends. I can learn something different every day. Sports really mean a lot to me,” he said in a passionate way.

He is always ready to learn new things and embrace new challenges. “I am also trying to improve my Chinese so that one day I can take part in the CCTV competition,” he added, with a big smile.

A Chinese culture lover

“Wuhan is like my hometown. I am going to miss it when I go back home since I have been here for three years. I consider HUST my second home. I will never regret coming here, which is like a chance in a lifetime. People here are so nice to me and I really appreciate that. I think there is so much to learn from Chinese culture, language, sports and so on.” With an open mind, Tag is on the journey of absorbing Chinese culture and making his life more generous and fulfilling.

His living motto: Seize the moment we live in

“I don’t believe in the notion of the end of the world,” Tag bluntly said. “Since we are alive today, why not grasp the moment and live today to the fullest? No one can tell what may happen tomorrow.” His candid words seem to affirm that yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift. Tag greatly inspired us to live in the moment and live a sunshine life like he does.