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The First International Student to Register in 2014

In the early morning of August 25th, KAROLIS PAULAUSKAS officially became a member of HUST as the first international student who has successfully registered.

KAROLIS is 25 years old and he comes from Lithuania. In the next two years, he will be studying international trade for a master’s degree. So far as we know, KAROLIS arrived at HUST a week ago. After waiting for a week, he couldn’t wait to register at the international student office as soon as the weekday came.

The Indissoluble Bound with China

"I feel like that I have a pre-destined fate with China." said KAROLIS. Actually, he has already worked for 2 years in China as a foreign teacher at a school in Dalian.

KAROLIS is very interested in Chinese culture, especially in Chinese martial art. What’s more, He is addicted to Hong Kong films. He likes the movie “Young and Dangerous”, so he gets him a Chinese name—Long Haonan. “You can call me Longge,”he said in his self-introduction. KAROLIS even practiced Wing Chun, but he had to give up due to his injured knee.

In addition, KAROLIS once played as a psychologist in the TV series “Linglong suo” and played opposite to the famous Chinese actor Yu Wenle.

KAROLIS PAULAUSKAS’still in TV Series ’Ling Long Suo’

HUST is a New Start

"People here are very kind." That’s KAROLIS’s first impression of HUST.

After careful consideration and comparison, KAROLIS thinks HUST is his best choice at the right time. Talking about future, he says that he doesn’t have many plans, but he will try to make it a worthy experience and live a fulfilling life. For him, HUST is a brand new start.

KAROLIS PAULAUSKAS and His Chinese Friends