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I am Dr. KIRAN JANG KUNWAR (昆瓦), from NEPAL and like Wuhan (Wuchang, Hankou  & Hanyang), a striking similarity exist with my home town- the beautiful Valley of Kathmandu (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur & Lalitpur). To be honest, like every foreigner, I , also wanted to be in the best city (such as Beijing or Shanghai), but the destiny had different plan for me. Joining MASTERS OF SURGERY (MS) – UROLOGY as a Chinese Government Scholar in TONGJI MEDICAL COLLEGE, HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCEINCE & TECHNOLOGY of Wuhan has been a dream come true, because Urology has being my dream subject since final year MBBS.  Now I have completed my PhD (UROLOGY) from the same Institute (2016). The dream of being excellent in this field  is not  a reality until Yesterday. My journey started from the year 2010. I came here just to finish masters. Out of 16 Nepalese batch mates only I happened to stay back for the PhD. Initially I struggled with every thing: communication, food habit, time table.

Communication in the hospital was a big problem, apart from Prof Li Bing explaining in English; the only word I could understand in the ward round was hao-hao hao-hao (single breath). Situation was such that; on my return from home travel, from airport to medical school, I only knew ‘Tongji – yi yuan’. The taxi driver was happy to receive a ‘wai guo ren’ and tried speaking some Chinese with me but I just smiled at him (only best thing I could do). He stopped after 3-4 smiles.

I have to mention about Chinese food, a Unique & magical bond it creates in the taste bud. Each Province has its total different taste and I give highest order to the food from Sichuan. Prolong stay in china has made me a habitual Chinese dish lover and now I feel Chinese foods are the best in the world. Probably more than thousand variety of dish exist in Chinese menu. Half of the Wuhanese enjoys early morning breakfast (re-gan-mian) and I am no exception. Later on I even started enjoying the working timetable from 8 am in the morning in contrast to 10 am working hours in my home country. Early Working & finishing off work makes evening free to be utilized in academics. I came here with the knowledge of only making good tea and an omelet and now my friends say that I stand today as one of the best cook amongst Nepalese students.

Traveling is always fun and China will remain in the bottom of my heart; Beautiful Beijing & amazing Shanghai are the world-class cities which I won't mind visiting another time. I also visited many other major cities in China; Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Sanya, Chengdu, Xian, Zhengzhou, Guilin, Yichang and Kunming. No alcohol and non-smoking till now has been a great savings for the travel. Visiting Harbin during winter (Ice Sculptures) apart from traveling to Tibet is in my bucket list.

My journey in China became more interesting when my wife (Prarthana Adhikari) joined in Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, and Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan; as a master’s degree (Dermatology) resident. I must admit that I do feel China as my Home and some Chinese friends will forever remain as a very good friend.

With China becoming one of super powers, students from China are awarded tremendous opportunity to explore the sub fields. Like milestones measure growth of a child, academic excellence/paper presentation adds value in the medical journey. I am a strong believer of capturing the opportunity even from the window if the doors are closed. I was fortunate to present papers in 4 beautiful countries (Bali- Indonesia, Singapore, Melbourne- Australia, Hawaii- USA and proudly represented my department (Urology), Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, China. One of the best experiences to share:  our department has proposed a Risk Severity scale for Deceased Donation Kidney Transplantation and termed it as “WUHAN CHART” & I feel proud to be part of it and present it in the 26th International Transplantation Society meeting to be held in Hong Kong, in August, 2016. I found my professor (Prof. Zeng Fuqing) as a fatherly figure; an excellent clinical guide, for his professional encouragement and wholehearted support thorough out my residency in China.

The journey has been a roller coaster ride, instead of fearing/screaming during my ups and downs I choose to enjoy and let my work speak about my journey. No dream is too big to make your dream successful, hard work is a must. And as very well said Destiny Belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams & have courage to pursue it.

The only regret that I am taking from China is being unable to speak fluent Chinese in spite of staying in China for  6 years.

Future Plan: I want to acquire sound knowledge in Urology, learn skill and expertise to serve back home. I feel enthralled each day to learn new things. I envision myself practicing in an academic setting where I can spend time not only on the clinics and operating room but also in the clinical research and teaching. My residency program in China has given me the required exposure to the many possibilities within urology, has promoted my intellectual development and has given solid foundation to serve back home (NEPAL).

I promise to work very hard with full devotion & dedication and will always uphold the dignity of this whole profession.

I am leaving CHINA with some wonderful memories, which I will cherish through my life & as a better man with wings to fly and take on the world. As government says WUHAN CHANGES EVERYDAY but the fact is WUHAN CHANGED ME.