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My study in SCF has been very interesting and helpful. I learnt a lot of new knowledge related to the fashion industry. I learnt how to think more wider and more creative. How to be confident in your decisions to step forward from your comfort zone and search new things.

I fully felt into fashion and art world where you are totally free to explore your ideas. I wish my three-years in the future are going to be even better and more interesting than the first year.

The teachers are great at what they are doing. No matter where are they from. They have different ways to teach, however all of them are interesting and creative. Also I have 16 classmates. All of my classmates are very talented which gives me a competitive perspective as well as motivation.

Once we volunteered in the fashion show of a famous Chinese designer Helen Lee. It was really nice experience for me to see the preparation process of the show. Also we visited Louis Vuitton exhibition at the 1st semester which gave us an opportunity to see the whole new collection in reality.

Moreover last week I and my classmates took a part in the DUTCH WEEK competition, where two of my classmates won first place of T-shirt pattern and draping. For me, personally I learnt how to work under pressure as we were created and judged at the same day with feed backs.

Field trip to a clothing company