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As an international student, moving away from home was difficult in the beginning. Experiencing a different culture, living in a new environment was definitely not easy. But surprisingly I got used to everything in no time, my confidence gradually built up and I enjoyed every minute at school as well as in the boarding house. Other than studying, we had different cultural celebrations and excursions so I was always busy. Because of boarding, you learn so much about other people from other parts of the world and more importantly you learn a lot about “how to live with other people”- how to be considerate, tolerant and respectful. There might be times that I felt a bit down or homesick as I only went home once a year but as I lived with other girls and staff, everyone was so supportive. Now I like live here in China so much, because this is like a second home and I haven’t been home for more than 18 months! I still miss my family, but we talk on the phone quite frequently so it’s not a big deal.

Studying overseas has given me independence and taught me a really structured routine and study pattern which has really benefited me in my university life. HUST has given me not only academic achievements, it has also given me lifelong friendship. I get to know people from different countries and some of them are still my best friends even after we have all graduated from school.