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“Together, we broadcast to the world” Online Union Admission Seminar 2020 Invitation letter

By CTUAS | 2020-06-17 |   1342

To whom it may concern,
During the current epidemic, the development of international education has been seriously challenged. In order to better help more Chinese universities devote their time in international enrollment promotion and continue to attract high-quality international students from all over the world to study in China, our company will carry out an online Union face-to-face enrollment presentation of "Together,we broadcast to the world" in combination with the current international situation. Your school is now invited to participate in this enrollment promotion campaign.

Time: June 17,2020-August 28, 2020
C-TEC Group China
Promind Education(Uzbekistan)
Australia Education Consultant(Bangladesh)
HighFlyer Global(Sri Lanka) 

1. Comprehensive publicity (website marketing + foreign mainstream social media marketing + live streaming)
2. Outstanding marketing themes (city+medical, engineering, economic and business special events)
3. New activity mode (Livestreamingenrollment of college admissions officers + experts explain the superior academic resources of colleges and universities + real-time interaction of excellent overseas students in China + real-time connection of overseas cooperative institutions)
4. Worry-free service (after the promotion, our company provides one-on-one service for overseas students)
5. Clearly marketing (mainly in SouthAsia, Central Asia and Southeast Asia, radiating the world)
1. For universities that have signed a cooperation agreement with our company, all expenses for this event will be sponsored by our company.
2. For universities that have not yet signed a cooperation agreement, the cost of this activity is 5,000 yuan per school (the cost includes: equipment construction,pre-promotion, video production, post-promotion, tracking service, etc.)

1. Prepare the English version of the enrollment promotion videos, enrollment brochures and other materials
2. Admissions officers with fluent English, subject experts, and international student representatives who are fluent in English to participate in the promotion.

Deadline: 20th August 2020

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