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The 124th Anniversary of SJTU Held Online for the First Time

By SJTU | 2020-04-22 |   980

On April 11, Shanghai Jiao Tong University held an online ceremony to celebrate its 124th anniversary together with SJTU students and alumni at home and abroad, a special opportunity that allows them to meet with teachers and classmates and celebrate the event during times of the epidemic.

Yang Zhenbin, SJTU Party Secretary, said that SJTU is a university that has incorporated patriotism into its culture with all SJTU students bearing in mind that "choosing SJTU sets you on the track of responsibility". The university motto "when you drink water, never shall you forget its source; love your motherland and bring honor to your alma mater" shows not only SJTU students' patriotic feelings but also their lifelong attachment to the alma mater. These days, large numbers of alumni actively took part in the battle against the epidemic, which keeps reminding us that SJTU is a family for all its students and all SJTU students are of one mind, no matter where they are.

Lin Zhongqin, President of SJTU and Deputy Secretary of the CPC SJTU, sent his warm greetings to all the alumni around the world and SJTU members working in the life-saving front-lines through his report titled "Remembering the source and aiming for the first-class". President Lin said that nothing better demonstrated the spirit of our school motto than the decisiveness, responsibility and dedication displayed by SJTU and SJTUers in facing the epidemic.

With stronger determination and confidence, SJTU will take deep root in China and forward to the world first-class university. Paying greater attention to education quality and its contribution to the nation and the world, SJTU will continue to cultivate top-level disciplines and talents, inscribe the seal of SJTU and explore SJTU road for China's higher education reform.

Academician Huang Xuhua won Distinguished Alumni Life Achievement Award

SJTU medical unit helping Hubei Province received First Special President's Awards

2020 SJTU resident's Award

2020 Distinguished Alumni Siyuan Contribution Memorial Award

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