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Study in China, Start Here!

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Study in China, Start Here!

Can I Study in China ?

How about China Education System?

  • Basic education: includes pre-school education, primary education and regular secondary education.

  • Secondary education: mainly includes the junior school and senior school. The length of both is typically three years.

  • Higher education: includes two stages: undergraduate (Bachelor), postgraduate (Master and Doctor).

The universities of program 211 and 985 are prestigious Chinese universities appointed by the Ministry of Education with the intent of raising research levels of high level universities and promoting the reputation of Chinese higher education system.

Semester Schedule

In China Education System, there are 2 semesters in every school year.

  • 1st semester (Fall Semester): September - January

  • 2nd semester (Spring Semester): March - July

Application time

  • For Bachelor/ Master/ Doctor programs, Fall semester application normally starts from March to July in each year.

  • For Chinese language programs, Spring semester application starts from October to January and Fall semester application starts from March to June.

Note: Some Top Universities open postgraduate program applications for Spring Semester!

Contact CTUAS to get more info at admission@ctuas.com.

I am not good at Chinese. Can I study in China?

If you want to study in Chinese-Medium Program, the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) is required. Meanwhile for the English-Medium Programs, HSK is not required.

More info please check

1. HSK: You MUST Know about Chinese!Click!

2. Search for instruction language of program on www.CTUAS.com

What Docs are required for application?

  • What if my diploma is neither Chinese nor English?

  • What if my passport is in application?

  • Does I must have recommendation letters?

  • What if I do not have language proficiency certificate?

  • How to write an excellent study proposal?

"CTUAS is here to provide consulting service to help & support you to get higher chance to study in China Top Universities."

How to Choose University and Porgram?

  • CTUAS provides professional admission consultancy services for you via online & offline.

  • CTUAS provides application info on China Top Universities.

  • CTUAS provides newest program introduction according to your educational background and future plan.

2017 Hot list: Study in China

"Study @ China Top University"

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How much is the cost of studying @ China?

Although prices in China are rising, the cost of living here is still favorable compared with the other countries.

You will be amazed by how comfortably you can live and how strong your purchasing power is.

Get estimated cost of study in China



How about the accommodation?

  • Where can you choose to live, on campus or outside campus?

  • How can I book the room?

  • When can you check-in the student apartments?

  • How to find a room for living outside campus?

  • What shall you do if you arrive in the late night time at the airport or railway station?

CTUAS is offering Freshmen Qrientation every year!

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How to apply scholarship?

  • Which universities and colleges are listed under the support of China Scholarship Council?

  • How many of the 2,400 Chinese universities and colleges offer scholarship seats to international students?

  • How about the chances of getting full scholarship?

  • Which university is the most popular among international applicants?

CTUAS is always here to offer you the good consultancy and guidance to increase your chance of full / partial scholarship seat.

I just want to explore Chinese culture!

China Top Universities provide Chinese language programs for both long and short term, short-term exchange programs, summer camp and  winter camp for exploring Chinese Language and culture.

If you want to know more about there or you have a special requirement, please feel free to contact us at info@ctuas.com

Can I get internship when I study in China?

With the gradually easing policies on work permit and the rapidly growing mumber of int'l students in China, you can gain a lot of internship opportunities in Chinese local enterprises or foreign corporates.

China's top 10 most admired companies in 2016

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When will I  know the admission results?

Different universities have different schedules for application process and admission notice delivery.

CTUAS keeps in touch with you and universities' admission offices to update your admission results. Collect the acceptance letter from the universities, student VISA documents from the authorized office and related documents.

Don't worry! We will deliver admission package to your hands and guide you to Get Ready to Study in China

Please feel free to contact us, we will lead you to study at China Top Universities

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Useful contact: Admission@ctuas.com

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